Gina Greenlee, Margaret H. Greenberg March 18, 2024

Business of Race in Kinokuniya Malaysia, Largest Book Retailer

Margaret was browsing books in Kuala Lumpur while visiting a friend and saw The Business of Race on the shelves of Kinokuniya Malaysia.
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Gina Greenlee, Margaret H. Greenberg March 8, 2024

Rapid Innovation Imperils Trust Says Edelman 2024 Barometer

The meaning of work has shifted, and employees across generational divides are demanding a reset. "Strikingly, a majority of employees want a work life reset. Because of everything that has happened in the world over the past few years, 67% of employees are reevaluating how they spend their time and 72% believe employers need to rethink what work means to employees"
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Gina Greenlee, Margaret H. Greenberg August 30, 2022

Is DEI Relevant Outside of the United States?

The headline question is one we received at a business conference in Montreal. Our short answer: Absolutely. The longer answer: we both were born and raised in the U.S. So, much of the focus in The Business of Race is on racial dynamics in businesses in our country of origin. Neither of us is in […]
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