Gina Greenlee, Margaret H. Greenberg August 30, 2022

Embedding Racial Equity into Your Business Strategy: New Webinar Series Beginning October 6th

Looking for ways to move beyond talking about race to actually doing something constructive about it in your business or workplace? ...look no further. The Business of Race webinar series is the only live, highly interactive program that explores racial diversity, equity, and inclusion using a business, OD (organizational development), and asset lens.
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Gina Greenlee, Margaret H. Greenberg June 30, 2022

Individual Psychological Safety for Organizational Race Work

Readiness is Foundational After studying 30,000 smokers who successfully kicked the habit, University of Rhode Island’s psychology professor Dr. James Prochaska developed a model for how people make positive, lasting changes in their lives. One of his most significant findings is that people wanting to make a change (“I will quit smoking tomorrow”) often rush […]
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Gina Greenlee, Margaret H. Greenberg June 29, 2022

How L&D Can Advance Workplace Racial Equity

How do we learn how to learn? How do we think about how we think? And how does knowing how we learn and think advance workplace racial equity?
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