Gina Greenlee, Margaret H. Greenberg March 15, 2024

2022 New York Times Diversity and Inclusion Report

Case Study

We love that The New York Times Company has drawn a direct line between a racially equitable workplace and its core business strategy: “The essential subscription for every curious, English-speaking person seeking to understand and engage with the world.” It is the case we make in our book, The Business of Race.

In our research for the book, we came across The New York Times Company’s 2021 report, A Call to Action: Building a Culture That Works for All of Us. We blogged about The Times creating it with an organizational development lens.

Their 2022 report shares that year’s data and a progress update on their 2021 Call to Action. We appreciate the New York Times Company modeling transparency by making these reports public. This makes it possible for us to share it with readers of this blog who might be seeking both inspiration and next steps for their organization’s racial equity journey.

2022 New York Times Company Diversity and Inclusion Report.