A practical guide to address race in the workplace.

It’s time for a new approach. Talking about race and racism at work historically has been taboo. However, we can’t solve what we don’t talk about. For nearly 60 years, workplaces have focused on diversity specific to gender and many historically underrepresented groups. Attention to racial diversity has been less tenacious. The events of 2020, emblematic of racial inequities rooted in a long history of systemic discrimination, forced that to change. While we believe that no single societal sector can disrupt the status quo on its own, we also believe that innovative businesses can lead the way.

Fifty years from now, social psychologists, cultural anthropologists, epidemiologists, and historians will still be studying the year 2020. As the pandemic ravaged the globe, many businesses were ahead of governments by mandating work-from-home policies to protect employees. Worldwide, kitchen tables, basements, and bedrooms became the new workplace and the new classroom. “Social distancing” became a new norm to help “flatten the curve” of the Covid-19 infection spread rate. The year 2020 was also when the murders and attacks against Black and Asian people in the United States, and around the world, galvanized people of all races to protest against systemic racism. Our hope is that The Business of Race instills in you the courage to talk about race and racism. Moreover, to do something constructive about it—no matter your level in the organization, no matter your racial identity. We don’t pretend to know what that “something” is for you. It may be reshaping your thinking, conversations, and decision-making. It also may be evolving your business strategy, policies, and practices. Our hope is that The Business of Race will inspire you to use your voice, to create and sustain an antiracist workplace.

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“The keen analysis and practical solutions Greenberg and Greenlee offer in this remarkable book move the conversation about race in the workplace beyond platitudes and promises and toward genuine understanding and action.

The Business of Race is timely, urgent, and essential.”

—Daniel H. Pink
#1 New York Times bestselling author When, Drive, And To Sell Is Human

“A practical workbook to help you have hard conversations about race—and drive real systemic change in your workplace.”

—Adam Grant
#1 New York Times bestselling author of THINK AGAIN and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

"The Business of Race is a comprehensive roadmap that seamlessly connects the dots of profitable business and antiracist culture walking the reader through how to accomplish it. It speaks to the internal work that must be done as a leader and the critical decisions that need to be made from a business perspective. After reading the first few pages, I set myself up with a notebook and highlighter to accompany my daily reading and will undoubtedly come back to several saved reference points again and again. Particularly the policy portion and the historical foundations make this a critical read for today’s organizational leaders. As DEI professionals we must be continuous learners with an inherently open mind. I recommend this book for the rejuvenation of your mind frame and perspective around DEI."

—Carmella Glover
President at Diversity Action Alliance

Margaret H. Greenberg and Gina Greenlee embracing eachother

Gina Greenlee
"The Business of Race would never have been written were it not for George Floyd—a man I would never know personally but whose public loss of life spawned a global movement. I am a Black woman and native New Yorker raised by parents who, along with six million of their brethren, migrated out of the Jim Crow south inspired by the promise of a life free of social, civic and economic oppression. My existence is a byproduct of that promise. As are my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, my work in the Fortune 500 business world, and the ability to travel freely throughout the globe. To date, I've used my voice to author this book along with 19 others. It is my hope that The Business of Race inspires you to use yours."

Margaret H. Greenberg
"The Business of Race would never have been written had I not called my friend Gina after the murder of George Floyd. I am a White woman. During that conversation Gina shared a few personal stories about what it is like to be a Black woman that she had never shared during our twenty-plus year friendship. That conversation sparked the idea to write an article, not independently but together, which led to coauthoring this book. I am a positive psychology pioneer. Approaching business problems, including racism, with an asset lens is how I am wired. Over the last three decades I’ve been coaching Fortune 5, 100 and 500 leaders using the science of positive psychology to create strengths-based and purpose-driven workplaces. It is my hope that The Business of Race gives you the confidence to pick yourself up after making mistakes which are an inevitable part of any transformational change."